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Our price and payment

When you received all the links that we have placed your music, you pay for your work. Payment is by transfer to our Bank card, through your online Bank.

Our Bank card:  5106 2140 0026 3433

Our price$ 5 for one article with the track (clip).


When advertising with us your music, all articles are translated into Russian language by experienced translators. A bit of history, our site is designed mainly for Russian-speaking audience, it is not less than 300 million people worldwide. Also Russian is language 2 language on the Internet after English.

Where to place your music? Where you can post your music online? Where to download music so it's not stolen?

This question is raised by many who are engaged in creativity...

Actually such services that specialise in legal music nowadays not so much.. This is due to the fact that the main music market is shared between big corporations and don't let other companies on the market, meaning that they simply will not survive.. In many cases, people don't even know how to get into these services and they have to use third-party services. But now we not about it, and about where you can download your music.

Basic services to download your music of course is Google, Yandex and Itunes. Out service supports these services, whereby, we are publishing only legal music, we help promote your music, give the official information on the purchase in Itunes, post information about your shows. Comfortable to work with us, and most importantly legally)

In order to comply with copyright and security, we place only from music services , and